At Pinnacle Fitness we have a fantastic team of Personal Trainers equipped to help you improve your fitness, lifestyle and overall wellbeing. Our members who work with a personal trainer usually report benefiting from higher self-esteem, confidence, and happiness. This is a result of being able to stay committed and motivated, working towards their goals and seeing the differences in their bodies and mind.

We’re proud that we’ve made personal training at Pinnacle Fitness in Prestons as affordable and effective as it comes in our surrounding areas including Hinchinbrook and Hoxton Park.

Here at Pinnacle Fitness, we have designed a personal training fitness program that is adaptable to your individual needs and goals to ensure you are living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Working with a personal trainer is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to lose weight and achieve your goals. We have qualified and experienced trainers providing their undivided attention to help you reach your fitness goals whether that be losing weight, running a half marathon or toning your legs and butt.

Our personal trainers are certified and have First Aid and CPR licenses as well as higher qualifications in exercise science so you are guaranteed to be in good hands.

5 Benefits of Personal Training that Will Propel Your Fitness & Lifestyle Goals:

  1. We educate you about your body: Our qualified personal trainers at Pinnacle Fitness will teach you how your body works with the right techniques to improve your form and overall sporting performance. We will work with you to perfect how you move and decrease your chances of long-term injury. Also, we will educate you on fitness and health so that you can understand the reasons behind our suggested training methods. This usually assists our members with the extra motivation and discipline to fulfill their training program with us.
  2. We keep you committed: Ever woken up to hit the gym but hit the snooze button on your alarm? With a personal trainer at Pinnacle Fitness we are here to encourage you to get out of bed and get moving! Our friendly personal trainers can influence you to avoid the snooze button and help you stick to the fitness regime we tailor just for you.
  3. Time: If your time is limited but you are keen to lose weight and get fit, our Personal Trainers work flexible hours to suit you. Whether it be early morning sessions, lunch time or night classes, your availability is our highest priority. We will tailor a fitness plan designed specifically so that the assigned time is no time wasted.
  4. Realistic and specific goals: Joining a sports team or signed up for a running event? Our personal trainers will devise a personalized training plan for your personal fitness goals. This plan will be measured taking account of your current health and fitness. We help you set some realistic and achievable fitness goals to ensure you have a greater chance of success.
  5. General Health and Wellbeing: Your personal trainer at Pinnacle Fitness Gym is not just concerned with your fitness goals but your overall happiness and health. Your personal trainer will be your friend, mentor and helpful guide to enhancing your lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about our Personal Training options, please click here. Alternatively, feel free to speak to our team to book an appointment with a personal trainer.

To your health and well-being.
The Pinnacle Fitness Team.