Have you signed up for a running event this year like the Blackmores Half Marathon on the 17 September? Preparing for a long distance run is a great way to boost your health, fitness and lifestyle and important to ensure you have a successful race on the day.

These 7 training tips will help you enjoy and reach your goals in your upcoming running event, protect you from injury and provide some helpful tips to improve your overall fitness and wellbeing.

  1. Start slow: When attempting to prepare for a half marathon it is important to train at an easy pace to start with and to develop your endurance and stamina over time with various running drills and techniques. By doing so you will minimize burn out and injury. Start by running at a pace that allows you to talk with your running partner. If you are new to half marathon running or running in general we recommend starting at a pace of no lower than 8.5 minutes per kilometers. Start slow and build your speed and endurance using the other tips listed below.
  2. Variety in running: It is important to undertake a variety of runs to ensure you are improving your ability to run long distances and your speed. Try interval running with the Fartlek workout which is useful in building muscle and endurance. Hill sprints are important for muscle memory and strength and medium length runs (5-10km) and long runs (10km +) are equally important to ensure you adapt into a better runner and have a successful race.
  3. Boost your performance with cross training: On your days off from running focus on strength, flexibility and an aerobic training with a yoga class, rowing, swimming or cycling. This will alleviate the pressure on your joints and muscles and keep you motivated on running days.
  4. Be a team player: Be it the Blackmores Half Marathon Can Too program or any other running training programs, exercising in a group can make a big difference. Running in a team will help you stay motivated, encouraged and on task. Having the influence of others around you working hard can dramatically improve your chances of staying focused and enthusiastic so why not rope in a friend or two into your work outs.
  5. Do your research: A common mistake many half marathon first-timers make is not knowing enough about the actual race. Doing your research will help you physically and mentally prepare for the run to ensure you reach your goal time. What is the environment like? Is it hilly or flat? Is it likely to be stinking hot or torrential rain. Knowing these in advance will help you prepare mentally and physically ensuring better success on the day. Knowing these key aspects can dramatically improve your performance on the day and give you an advantage. Also, find out where the first aid and drink stations are located to ensure you are remaining hydrated and healthy for the race.
  6. Timeout: Rest days are just as important as work out days as they have a role to play in repairing muscle, building strength and ensuring endurance. If you do not take the time to rest you are exposing your body to injury and infection that can affect your performance on the day and long-term. Resting will enable you to train more efficiently! Make sure to watch out for unhealthy signs such as weariness, lethargy, soreness, weakness and lack of motivation. If this is the case contact a medical professional.
  7. The correct active wear: Having the right active wear is necessary for the race and preparation period. Investing in a pair of supportive running shoes that have spring and able to withstand long distances is important for your overall performance and physical health. You will also find choosing breathable and sweat resistant shorts, tights, tops and socks beneficial and allows you to run in comfort so you can stay focused on your run. AND be sure to wear a hat to protect your skin from harmful skin cancers, overheating and dehydration.


The 7 training tips to help you ace the Blackmores Half Marathon Event will guide your preparation for the big day and improve your day-to-day fitness. If you are interested in gearing up for the Blackmore event feel free to contact Pinnacle Fitness Gym to learn more about creating a customized fitness program for you.


Start training and have a great run!