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Our Personal Trainers are the difference to staying committed to your fitness goals. If you feel like you’re in a rut with your fitness levels or weight loss goals, it can be really helpful to get guidance from one of our professional and experienced personal trainers. We have both male and female personal trainers with specialised skills to help achieve your fitness goals.

Of those people who achieve results from regular exercise, 90% used a Personal Trainer (Source IHRSA 2002).

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Set your Personal Training Goals

At Pinnacle Fitness Gym in Prestons our personal trainers will help you get in shape and transform your body according to your fitness goals. Our personal trainers will sit down with you and together you will fill out a questionnaire and put your fitness goals and commitment in writing.

We also will conduct a thorough fitness assessment to help us measure and track your progress along your new fitness journey.

Customised Programmes

After learning about your fitness goals, our personal trainers in Prestons (near Middleton Grange) will tailor a customized personal training program that will specifically meet your health and fitness ambitions. Our programs are known to be fun, highly effective and provide you with an abundance of energy.

Personal Trainer Pricing

Type Price
1 hr Private PT $60
1/2 hr Private PT $30
1 hr Private PT Tri pack $170
1/2 hr Private PT Tri pack $85
1 hr Private PT 10 Pack $540
1/2 hr Private PT 10 Pack $270


I prefer to train at Pinnacle over other gyms because of the supportive atmosphere, everyone willing to help or have a conversation with you and it’s a really inviting place where I’ve made close bonds.


Meet Our Personal Trainers

Stephanie Suber
Stephanie Suber
Stephanie is qualified with a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science, Certificate III & IV in fitness, Senior First Aid and CPR and Exercise Sports Science Australia credited. Stephanie’s specialties include; Weight training, weight loss, strength and conditioning, athlete preparation and recovery training, nutritional plans, group training, post-acute and chronic medical conditioning training, body composition assessments.

Favourite quote: “If your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise”

Cameron Hyde
Cameron Hyde
Cameron is qualified with a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Certificate III & IV in fitness, Senior First Aid and CPR and Sports and Conditioning. Cameron’s specialties are strength and conditioning, weight loss, general fitness, power lifting, sports specific training.

Favourite quote: “Stop starting, keep going”

Deb Gunning
Deb Gunning
Deb is qualified with a Certificate III in fitness, Les Mills instructor, BTS instructor, Zumba and Bootcamp Certified and Senior First Aid and CPR. Deb’s specialties are group fitness, general health and well being and assessments and programs.

Favourite quote: “If it isn’t hurtin, it isn’t working”

Josh Grashorne
Josh Grashorne
Josh is qualified with Diploma of Fitness, Certificate IV of Fitness, Certificate III of Fitness, Level 1 Strength and Conditioning and Senior First Aid and CPR. Josh’s specialities include; Weight loss and management, Injury prevention, Athletic performance, Small group training and programming.

Favourite quote: “Carpe diem”

Imogen Casey
Imogen Casey
Certificate III & IV in fitness & Group fitness instructor, Senior first aid & CPR.
Specialties: Weight loss & toning, General fitness Assessments & Programs.

Favourite quote: “There is NO failure, only feedback”