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Reach your health and fitness goals with the support of experienced trainers, diverse group classes, and modern training spaces – including a dedicated Ladies Gym! Conveniently located next to Liverpool Catholic Club, Pinnacle Fitness welcomes members of all fitness levels, fostering a vibrant community dedicated to achieving their fitness goals together.

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Explore a range of empowering group fitness classes designed to push your limits while embracing your unique journey. From high-intensity workouts to mind-body connections, Pinnacle Fitness helps you find the perfect fit to reach the best version of yourself.

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Get to know the exceptional individuals that make up the Pinnacle crew. Passionate, knowledgeable, and committed to your success, these are the guides who will support you on the way to your fitness goals.

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See what our valued members have to say about the Pinnacle experience. Read firsthand testimonials about the supportive community behind our members’ fitness transformations and learn what makes our gym truly exceptional.

Since joining, I’ve achieved my fitness goals, breaking personal records and seeing impressive muscle gains. I recommend Pinnacle Fitness to my friends and family because it helps me stay motivated and focused on my goals.

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Ahmed Jamaleddine

Pinnacle Fitness has awesome equipment and a great community, making it my go-to gym. I’ve achieved my fitness goals and seen progress since joining. The friendly atmosphere, top-notch equipment, and sense of belonging make Pinnacle Fitness feel like home and keep me coming back every day.

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Ahmad Malas

“The staff at Pinnacle Fitness make me feel right at home, which is why I chose this gym. During my time here, I’ve gained confidence and strength. When recommending Pinnacle Fitness to my loved ones, I assure them that it’s the best gym around. The combination of great equipment and a supportive staff creates an unbeatable experience that keeps me coming back every day.”

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Ahmet Agdin

I joined Pinnacle Fitness for their awesome class tailored to older individuals, which has improved my health and fitness significantly. The gym understands our needs and offers a variety of classes and cool equipment for everyone. What keeps me coming back is the welcoming community, supportive trainers, and the connections I’ve made. Pinnacle Fitness isn’t just a gym; it’s a place where I feel connected and inspired to be my best self.

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Yvonne Johnson

“I chose Pinnacle Fitness because I love the environment here. It’s a place where I enjoy working out. Since joining, I’ve gained confidence in my training and pushed myself further. But what keeps me coming back day after day is the staff, especially Mary. They’re friendly and always there to help. The people at Pinnacle Fitness make it feel like a home away from home.”

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I joined Pinnacle Fitness because of Kayla Spurway, who creates an amazing welcoming and supportive environment. Since joining, I’ve achieved fantastic results, losing weight, staying consistent, and boosting my confidence. The positive atmosphere, motivated people, and Kayla’s support keep me coming back every day. Pinnacle Fitness and Kayla have made a significant difference in my life and I can’t imagine my fitness journey without them.

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Sabrina Taro

“Pinnacle Fitness is a great gym with helpful and friendly staff. With their guidance, I’ve maintained a constant fitness level. When I encourage my friends and family to join Pinnacle Fitness, I stress the incredible family environment it offers. It’s the easy-going people, dedicated staff, and excellent equipment that keep me returning day after day.”

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Kevin Waterton

I highly recommend Pinnacle Fitness for anyone looking for a great gym experience…The gym offers classes, top-notch equipment, and fair prices without any locked-in contracts. The trainers and staff are friendly and always ready to help.

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Sarah Indraputri

The convenient location, ample parking, and the warm and welcoming staff make it a top-notch gym. Since joining, I’ve achieved my goal of becoming stronger and healthier, thanks to the well-equipped facilities and supportive environment.

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Jenna Zhao
Pinnacle member since 2015

Pinnacle Fitness initially caught my attention with its convenient parking and affordable membership. However, the staff’s amazing dedication and the gym’s welcoming environment have surpassed my expectations. The cleanliness, spaciousness, and overall experience keep me coming back day after day.

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Homam Salam
Pinnacle member since 2015

Pinnacle Fitness is hands down the best and most affordable gym around, and it feels like a family here. Besides reaching my fitness goals, I’ve made lifelong friends at this fantastic place.

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Petar Dimovski
Pinnacle member since 2015

I picked Pinnacle Fitness because it’s close to my place, which is convenient for me. I’ve reached my fitness goals and made great progress there. It’s got this awesome friendly vibe that I always tell my friends and fam about. I keep going back because of the welcoming atmosphere and positive vibes. If you want a nearby gym with a warm and friendly feel, Pinnacle Fitness is the way to go.

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Craig Willet
Pinnacle member since 2015

Pinnacle Fitness is my go-to gym for several reasons. The convenient location seamlessly fits into my routine, and the availability of equipment ensures efficient and enjoyable workouts. The fantastic community of like-minded individuals inspires and motivates me. With top-notch facilities and a warm and helpful staff, Pinnacle Fitness feels like home and has become an essential part of my fitness journey.

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Sam Sari
Pinnacle member since 2015

Pinnacle Fitness is my local gym with all the equipment I need for my workouts, making it super convenient. Achieving my goal weight has been a big accomplishment thanks to the support of Pinnacle Fitness. The friendly atmosphere and uplifting vibes from the staff and members keep me motivated to come back every day. It feels like a second home to me, and I highly recommend it to friends and family.

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Domenic Partowlesi
Pinnacle member since 2015

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